Black Blade

The Black Knights sword

weapon (melee)

Bastard Sword +3


This was the sword used by the Black Knight. Before he had risen to power he was a soldier in the Heritos army. He was assigned to the wizard enclave, the mages responsible for the cities magical construction. During his duties he befriended one wizards who over time shared about magic and its varied uses. The wizard was crafting a sword to present to the general. Its blade was made of mithril and it’s purpose was to inspire troops by bolstering their life force. The guard grew covetous and tried to steal the sword but was caught by his wizard friend. The guard slew his friend with the sword and in so doing tainted the sword causing its blade to turn black like onyx. The blade no longer would bolster the life force of others, instead it would take it. With every ten lives it took it would grow stronger, manifesting new powers. But if too much time passed between kills the sword would lose these abilities as if starved. The killings didn’t only effect the blade, the Black Knight himself seemed to grow darker and more tainted as the sword stole more lives.

Black Blade

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