Adventures in Quartzar

Week 3

After destroying the pool of zombies, the adventurers continued exploring the mausoleum. The majority of their time was spent defeating skeletons in identical rooms. Eventually running out of rooms to explore, the party returned to a pit they had found earlier, hoping there was something more to be found. They discovered a secret passage through a wall over the pit. Through that passage they found a hallway that led to a T-junction. Standing suits of armors decorated the halls. At the junction, the party turned right and found four suits of armor standing in front of a large door, behind which they heard screaming. Deciding to enter the room, the party had Arsene pick the lock of the door. Upon unlocking the door, the suit of armor closest to Arsene animated. The party managed to destroy the suits of armor in a quick battle before opening the door. The room was dark, and the light from Salamander’s magic was unable to light it. Thanks to Rodel’s dwarven blood, he was able to see that there was a landing suspended in the room, below the doorway that the adventurers were standing in. When they moved onto the landing, they found a pale skinned man who appeared to be torturing another. The man being tortured was wearing armor and chained to the wall. He also appeared somewhat incorporeal. They found out that the torturer was interrogating the wraith, a former soldier of the Black Knight’s army, for information regarding the location of the Black Knight’s body and sword. Not wanting to let the torture continue, the party attacked the torturer, who they also discovered was a vampire. Eventually destroying the vampire, the party then turned to the sword wraith. Deciding to free him in exchange for information regarding the Black Knight. The sword apparently had a beautiful black blade that looked like it could have been made of onyx. They also learned that the Black Knight was originally from Heritos. As Arsene went to unchain the wraith, Benomir decided that he could not let this spawn of evil run rampant in this world, and struck him down.

The party returned to the T-junction and followed the path to the left. Again, suits of armor attacked them when they unlocked the door, and again they were defeated. The room behind these doors was as dark as the previous room, but across this room they were able to see a figure sitting upon a throne. The figure casually approached them and introduced himself as Leandros. Leandros was a dark-elf and also a vampire. He told them that he was investigating the Black Knight and that he was hoping to eventually destroy a rival vampire. He was the one who had been commanding the skeletons the party had been fighting. After the discussing, Leandros was eager to fight these champions of Heritos. As soon as the fight started, it ended. With the entire party barely breathing, Leandros strolled around them, disappointed. Until he approached Benomir, that is. “Ahh, you brought it,” he said, both shocked and excited. He reached into Benomir’s bag and pulled out the blade-bladed sword that he found in the sewers of Heritos. Wanting to meet them again later, Leandros opted not to kill the party and left the mausoleum in the form of a cloud of mist.

Saddened and humiliated, the party returned to Heritos and reported to the captain of the guard. They told him that they found the source of the skeletons (Leandros) and of the origin of the Black Knight.



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