Adventures in Quartzar

Week 2

After heading deeper into the sewers and having several close calls with traps (pitfalls and spiked walls), the party finds the kobolds. After busting down the door to the kobold dining room, the party finds a small contingent of lizardfolk, including a kobold mage. Irlieth attempts to calm the kobolds to no avail and the barbarian/paladin tandem makes short work of the kobold adversaries. The paladin’s blood was up; as the party entered the next room, he rushed ahead and brutally cleaves through the nearest kobold guard, in direct view of the kobold women and children. Orn cheered Benomir on.

Further exploration led the party into a room with a small opening in the corner. With effort, Arsene, Salamander, Rodel, and Benomir crawled through it. Orn stayed behind, bored. On the other end, the four discovered a large casket. Arsene returned to Orn after unlocking the casket. Among other things, the remaining three found a sword with a long black blade.

Continuing on, the party eventually found a room filled with a colony of kobolds. Not wanting to fight, the kobolds agreed to leave. The adventurers then returned to Heritos and reported back to the captain of the guard. The captain was very pleased to hear of the kobolds’ departure, but was disturbed by the appearance of the skeletons. He rewarded the adventurers for getting rid of the kobolds and pleaded for them to determine the source of the skeletons. They agreed. After a brief break in Heritos, they rode out on horseback toward the mausoleum. They arrived after two days.

After arriving at the mausoleum, they discovered a hidden passageway underneath. The first room they explored contained a large pillar in the center, reaching from floor to ceiling. Pointing out of the pillar were four rods, each pointing to one corner of the room. In each corner was a pool of blood, flames, a tombstone, or (). They decided to push in the rod facing the tombstone. As the rod was pushed in, a large grave elemental emerged from beneath the tombstone. In a desperate fight, the party managed to destroy the elemental and decided to leave the room. The next branch of the tunnels beneath the mausoleum led to nothing but a pit. Thinking nothing of it, they left the pit and entered a room with a pool of blood filled with limbs. As they entered, a pair of zombies rose from the pit. After dispatching the zombies, three more took their place from the pit. In order to stop the seemingly endless horde of undead, Rodel channeled his positive energy to smite the pool, reducing it to nothing.



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