Adventures in Quartzar

Week 1

  1. Orn, Arsene, Rodel, Salamander (Irlieth) end up in the same caravan on its way toward Heritos
  2. caravan attacked by hobgoblins; Orn, Arsene, Rodel, Irlieth defend
  3. Benomir arrives and aids the caravan
  4. upon arrival at Heritos, guards attempt to arrest Orn, who resists
  5. Arsene convinces Orn and the guard to not kill each other
  6. once in the city, they split up; Orn sticks with Arsene, Rodel & Benomir visit the jail to retrieve their rope used to restrain hobgoblins, Salamander goes spell shopping.
  7. Arsene tries to pick a man’s pocket but accidentally grabs the man’s rear
  8. the man turns on Arsene, but Orn bullrushes to save Arsene
  9. guards find Orn and Arsene and take them in for questioning
  10. Arsene sucks at bluffing but the captain of the guard ignores his misdeeds because of the party’s help against the hobgoblins. The captain allows Arsene and Orn to take part in a quest
  11. Benomir forgets the name of the tavern they were told to meet at. The party quickly rules out “The Flaming Groin” and deduce the captain’s designated rendezvous point.
  12. The party agrees to investigate Heritos’s ancient sewer system—a seal had been breached recently and the captain suspects Kobolds.

Upon entering the sewers, the party discovers several Kobold corpses. Unfazed, they press on. After several encounters with reanimated skeleton warriors, archers, and finger flickers, the party finds a treasure chest containing some unimpressive loot (wand, gold and a potion).


for future reference:

Week 1

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