Adventures in Quartzar

Week 6

After having eaten the baby troll, Orn rejoined the party and climbed down from the landing.

Week 5

Rodel and Arsene left the catacombs and returned with the local guard. They were cleared of all charges previously made against them. Looking to rest for the rest of the night, the party returned to the Grey Minstrel Inn, only to remember that it had been nearly burnt to the ground. The spent the rest of the night in the Flaming Groin. The next day they were approached by a man who introduced himself as a gravedigger.

Week 4
After their experiences in the mausoleum, the group took some much needed r&r in the Grey Minstrel Inn before seeking more adventure. That night, their slumber was disturbed by four assassins determined to end their budding adventuring careers. After a fierce battle that killed three of the assassins, the fourth fled over the rooftops. The group gave chase, but their prey escaped into the night, taking his secrets with him.

Inspection of the dead revealed only papers with the groups room numbers and a strange symbol tattooed on the men’s chests. Intent to bring this information to the captain of the guard, the group made their way to the jail. Once there they found that the captain hadn’t checked in that day. The group decided to check on the captains well-being only to find him dead in his bedroom. Unsure where to turn, the group considered fleeing the city. Cooler heads prevailed and the team instead went to speak with the old historian under the library. He told them that the symbol was of the Black Knight and hadn’t been seen for over a hundred years. They pondered why individuals associated with the black knight would be after them. They hadn’t told anyone about discovering the Black Knights body or the sword they took from his tomb and subsequently lost. And then it hit them. They told the captain that the Black Knight originally came from this city.

With Arsene’s knowledge of the city’s operations, they knew that the captain reported to a council of four people; The Chief Magistrate, the Archbishop, The leader of the Merchants Guild, and The High Judge. Time was running out and the group was wanted for suspicion of murdering the captain. Arsene’s investigations of the men’s homes led him to suspect High Judge Pike. After a second assassination attempt on the group, in which Orn chose to go to bed with a fire raging in the hall outside their room, the team went after Judge Pike. They invaded his home, restrained him and questioned him about the evidence they had found. The team was disappointed to find that Pike had been looking into the same group of Black Knight followers and that their evidence was nothing more than his case file. This brought them to their second suspect, the Archbishop. A man who, in Benomir’s eyes, was above reproach.

They had found a map to catacombs under the church. Once inside they quickly learned that this was a cult meeting place and that they were on the right track. After some battles with cultists, they found the Archbishop standing over the recovered body of the Black Knight! He was enacting some ritual to bring life back to the tyrant. The ensuing battle was a race against time to stop the ritual before it was too late. With only moments to spare the Archbishop was knocked unconscious just as the soul was entering the mummified body. With the heretic bound and proof of their innocence in hand the only question that remained was what would the group do now?

Week 3

After destroying the pool of zombies, the adventurers continued exploring the mausoleum. The majority of their time was spent defeating skeletons in identical rooms. Eventually running out of rooms to explore, the party returned to a pit they had found earlier, hoping there was something more to be found. They discovered a secret passage through a wall over the pit. Through that passage they found a hallway that led to a T-junction. Standing suits of armors decorated the halls. At the junction, the party turned right and found four suits of armor standing in front of a large door, behind which they heard screaming. Deciding to enter the room, the party had Arsene pick the lock of the door. Upon unlocking the door, the suit of armor closest to Arsene animated. The party managed to destroy the suits of armor in a quick battle before opening the door. The room was dark, and the light from Salamander’s magic was unable to light it. Thanks to Rodel’s dwarven blood, he was able to see that there was a landing suspended in the room, below the doorway that the adventurers were standing in. When they moved onto the landing, they found a pale skinned man who appeared to be torturing another. The man being tortured was wearing armor and chained to the wall. He also appeared somewhat incorporeal. They found out that the torturer was interrogating the wraith, a former soldier of the Black Knight’s army, for information regarding the location of the Black Knight’s body and sword. Not wanting to let the torture continue, the party attacked the torturer, who they also discovered was a vampire. Eventually destroying the vampire, the party then turned to the sword wraith. Deciding to free him in exchange for information regarding the Black Knight. The sword apparently had a beautiful black blade that looked like it could have been made of onyx. They also learned that the Black Knight was originally from Heritos. As Arsene went to unchain the wraith, Benomir decided that he could not let this spawn of evil run rampant in this world, and struck him down.

The party returned to the T-junction and followed the path to the left. Again, suits of armor attacked them when they unlocked the door, and again they were defeated. The room behind these doors was as dark as the previous room, but across this room they were able to see a figure sitting upon a throne. The figure casually approached them and introduced himself as Leandros. Leandros was a dark-elf and also a vampire. He told them that he was investigating the Black Knight and that he was hoping to eventually destroy a rival vampire. He was the one who had been commanding the skeletons the party had been fighting. After the discussing, Leandros was eager to fight these champions of Heritos. As soon as the fight started, it ended. With the entire party barely breathing, Leandros strolled around them, disappointed. Until he approached Benomir, that is. “Ahh, you brought it,” he said, both shocked and excited. He reached into Benomir’s bag and pulled out the blade-bladed sword that he found in the sewers of Heritos. Wanting to meet them again later, Leandros opted not to kill the party and left the mausoleum in the form of a cloud of mist.

Saddened and humiliated, the party returned to Heritos and reported to the captain of the guard. They told him that they found the source of the skeletons (Leandros) and of the origin of the Black Knight.

Week 2

After heading deeper into the sewers and having several close calls with traps (pitfalls and spiked walls), the party finds the kobolds. After busting down the door to the kobold dining room, the party finds a small contingent of lizardfolk, including a kobold mage. Irlieth attempts to calm the kobolds to no avail and the barbarian/paladin tandem makes short work of the kobold adversaries. The paladin’s blood was up; as the party entered the next room, he rushed ahead and brutally cleaves through the nearest kobold guard, in direct view of the kobold women and children. Orn cheered Benomir on.

Further exploration led the party into a room with a small opening in the corner. With effort, Arsene, Salamander, Rodel, and Benomir crawled through it. Orn stayed behind, bored. On the other end, the four discovered a large casket. Arsene returned to Orn after unlocking the casket. Among other things, the remaining three found a sword with a long black blade.

Continuing on, the party eventually found a room filled with a colony of kobolds. Not wanting to fight, the kobolds agreed to leave. The adventurers then returned to Heritos and reported back to the captain of the guard. The captain was very pleased to hear of the kobolds’ departure, but was disturbed by the appearance of the skeletons. He rewarded the adventurers for getting rid of the kobolds and pleaded for them to determine the source of the skeletons. They agreed. After a brief break in Heritos, they rode out on horseback toward the mausoleum. They arrived after two days.

After arriving at the mausoleum, they discovered a hidden passageway underneath. The first room they explored contained a large pillar in the center, reaching from floor to ceiling. Pointing out of the pillar were four rods, each pointing to one corner of the room. In each corner was a pool of blood, flames, a tombstone, or (). They decided to push in the rod facing the tombstone. As the rod was pushed in, a large grave elemental emerged from beneath the tombstone. In a desperate fight, the party managed to destroy the elemental and decided to leave the room. The next branch of the tunnels beneath the mausoleum led to nothing but a pit. Thinking nothing of it, they left the pit and entered a room with a pool of blood filled with limbs. As they entered, a pair of zombies rose from the pit. After dispatching the zombies, three more took their place from the pit. In order to stop the seemingly endless horde of undead, Rodel channeled his positive energy to smite the pool, reducing it to nothing.

Week 1
  1. Orn, Arsene, Rodel, Salamander (Irlieth) end up in the same caravan on its way toward Heritos
  2. caravan attacked by hobgoblins; Orn, Arsene, Rodel, Irlieth defend
  3. Benomir arrives and aids the caravan
  4. upon arrival at Heritos, guards attempt to arrest Orn, who resists
  5. Arsene convinces Orn and the guard to not kill each other
  6. once in the city, they split up; Orn sticks with Arsene, Rodel & Benomir visit the jail to retrieve their rope used to restrain hobgoblins, Salamander goes spell shopping.
  7. Arsene tries to pick a man’s pocket but accidentally grabs the man’s rear
  8. the man turns on Arsene, but Orn bullrushes to save Arsene
  9. guards find Orn and Arsene and take them in for questioning
  10. Arsene sucks at bluffing but the captain of the guard ignores his misdeeds because of the party’s help against the hobgoblins. The captain allows Arsene and Orn to take part in a quest
  11. Benomir forgets the name of the tavern they were told to meet at. The party quickly rules out “The Flaming Groin” and deduce the captain’s designated rendezvous point.
  12. The party agrees to investigate Heritos’s ancient sewer system—a seal had been breached recently and the captain suspects Kobolds.

Upon entering the sewers, the party discovers several Kobold corpses. Unfazed, they press on. After several encounters with reanimated skeleton warriors, archers, and finger flickers, the party finds a treasure chest containing some unimpressive loot (wand, gold and a potion).

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