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Revised magic rules

Arcane Magic

The use of arcane magic is the manipulating of raw and unpredictible energies. As such it has inherent dangers. A careless wizard can just as easily blow himself up when trying to cast a spell. The wiser the mage the better he knows how to control the uncontrolable aether.

An arcane spell caster has a pool of d6 dice he uses to cast spells. The number of dice in the pool is equal to his caster level. Each level of spells has a threshold number that must be rolled over for the casting to be successful. The caster can use any number of dice from his pool for casting. He adds his intelligence modifier to the roll per spell level. If any doubles are rolled, the spell is miscast (though casting may still be successful), consult the miscast chart.

Spell level-Threshold
0 = 1+
1 = 3+
2 = 6+
3 = 9+
4 = 12+
5 = 15+
6 = 18+
7 = 21+
8 = 24+
9 = 27+

Divine Magic

Divine magic is powered by the will of the casters god. While reliable, repeated use can tax the gods patience. Once this happens the caster must appeal to his god for continued favor. The more charismatic the cast the easier they will find it to regain favor.

A divine caster has a favor reserve and each spell cast takes from that reserve. Each spells cost is equal to its arcane threshold. To replenish her reserve a caster must pray. Make a Wisdom check while out of combat with a DC of 10 + caster level. If the check is successful, the caster gains 1d8 x level + Wis mod. A high Wisdom adds to your reserve, +3 for each bonus 1st, +6 for each bonus 2nd, +9 for each bonus 3rd, etc. These points are added when the spell level becomes available.

Caster level-Favor reserve
1 = 6
2 = 9
3 = 18
4 = 27
5 = 54
6 = 81
7 = 162
8 = 243
9 = 486
10 = 729